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Who is Sprick Group?

Sprick Group is a management consultancy that serves the medical laboratory industry. Our work centers on strategic business planning, laboratory startups, operational improvement, consolidation studies for integrated delivery systems and outreach program development.

We are industry leaders in advancing Lean techniques into the lab and pioneers in Lean facility design and Lean performance improvement engagements.

We are a small boutique firm by design to stay close to our customers. Our skills are strong and our solutions effective. We know the business of laboratory medicine.

We are sought after by healthcare executives and well-respected by our industry peers. Our client base ranges from individual hospitals to multi-hospital integrated delivery systems and from commercial reference laboratories to diagnostic manufacturers.

Our Philosophy

Mutual trust is crucial to consulting project success and lasting business relationships.

First and foremost, we believe in building and retaining good business relationships with our customers.

We recognize that you have a choice when selecting a laboratory consulting firm. We work hard to ensure that real value is provided, based upon your perception of value.

  • There is no monopoly on good ideas; effective relationships and communications are aggressively pursued with clients and business partners.
  • Real value (financial and non-financial) is provided to all our customers, based on their perception of value, not ours.
  • We establish business relationships with people and companies we trust.
  • We seek out the expertise to move business strategies forward.
  • We stay close to our customers; if our customers’ businesses prosper our business prospers.


  • We do not accept complacency or mediocrity from ourselves nor any of our associates.
  • We establish business relationships with people and companies we trust.
  • We seek out the expertise to move business strategies forward.

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