About Sprick Group, LLC

Better Results for your Laboratory

Sprick Group is a management consultancy that serves the medical laboratory industry. Our work centers on strategic business planning, laboratory startups, operational improvement, consolidation studies for integrated delivery systems and outreach program development.

We are industry leaders in advancing Lean techniques into the lab and pioneers in Lean facility design and Lean performance improvement engagements.


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01. Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a very useful process when determining or changing the basic thrust of one’s laboratory business. We customize our approach to strategic planning to best suit a particular client’s needs and situations.

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02. Business Planning

Our business planning begins with an assessment of the operation’s current state and is customized from that point onward to meet your needs. We have the experience, flexibility, and expertise to accomplish your engagement objectives.

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03. Lab Outreach Planning

We assess the defined marketplace to aid in the development of successful sales and marketing strategies, and the internal lab for operational readiness for outreach delivery to develop successful outreach infrastructure strategies.

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04. Outreach Profitability

The objective of this type of an engagement is to assess the profitability of an existing outreach program on an incremental cost basis in order to determine the contribution margin to the organization.

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05. Lab Facility Design

Our methodology begins with an assessment of the current state of your lab facility (strengths and weaknesses) coupled with an understanding of your long-range growth plans and desired future service lines.

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06. Lean Transformation

Lean Six Sigma has transformed manufacturing worldwide and is revolutionizing lab operations across the country, as evidenced by the level of attention in the press and at national healthcare conferences.

Three Pillars of Lean Transformation:

Assessment, Training, & Kaizen Implementation


A Comprehensive Approach to Waste Elimination:

Laboratory Lean Transformation

Lean Laboratory Assessment™,

Lean Laboratory Process Improvement™,

and Lean Laboratory Training™

are the three pillars of our Lean Transformation program.

Our goal is to teach and transfer lean principles to interested clients within the laboratory setting.